Ayurvedic Anti Dandruff Hair Pack (100g)


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Ayurvedic remedies are time-tested and proven to be the best for hair. They are healing for the scalp and beautifying for the hair.

To prevent dry hair, thinning hair, earlier greying hair, split ends, alopecia, and brittle hair you need to take good care of your hair. Applying Ayurvedic hair packs is the great solution to nourish your delicate hair. Ayurvedic hair packs are one of the best natural remedies that help to stop hair fall and boost stunt growth in hair. Ayurvedic hair packs work magically to get your hair strengthened and long by natural care as well solve the scalp problem.

Who can use this mask: everyone, above 5 years – whether your hair is dry or oily, fine or coarse, frizzy or damaged? Also, if you have excessive hair fall or dandruff, it will benefit you.


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